Meet our Staff

Roger Smith

Roger Smith is the General Manager at TreeSource. He has been in the Citrus Nursery business since 1988. He is a fourth generation citrus farmer and sees himself as a citrus grower that happens to be a nurseryman. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fruit Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and is a credentialed Agriculture Teacher. His involvement in the International Society of Citrus Nurserymen has been his post graduate education by visiting citrus nurseries in Australia, Morocco, Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Florida, China and South Africa. Roger also participates in the Citrus Research Board, Sumo Grower Group, and California Citrus Nursery Society.

Erasto Vega Calderon

Erasto is our Production Supervisor here at TreeSource. Erasto has been with the company since it began in the late 1990s and has been an important asset ever since. Erasto has extensive knowledge in planting and growing our Field Nurseries and is obtaining the same amount of knowledge in growing indoors as California is changing its regulations.

Heidi Cervantes

Heidi is our Horticultural Salesperson. She handles shipping trees to retail and wholesale customers both domestically and internationally. Heidi was a graduate of the College of the Sequoias Ornamental Horticulture Program and has worked at various other nurseries. She started at TreeSource in the shipping department as the dispatcher and worked her way up into the sales department.

Melissa Skeen

Melissa is our Accounting Supervisor at TreeSource. She handles all of the Invoicing, Budgets and oversees accounts receivables. Melissa also supervises the TreeSource Administrative staff. Born and raised in Tulare County, She has 12 years of experience in business administration that she brings to the table here at TreeSource.

Sally Mason

Sally is our Sales Support and first on phones at TreeSource. She handles simple orders, processing contracts and pro formas, taking payments and will help you get the information you require and the help you need to make ordering from TreeSource easy. Sally has many years experience in sales and customer service. A resident of Exeter she began working for TreeSource in 2008.