Product Ideas

Cocktail Citrus

Cocktail Citrus is very popular for yard and patio applications as it gives the homeowner two popular types of citrus in the same container. To create the Cocktail Citrus, purchase 2 liners of different varieties and plant them together. Anything from a 2 gallon to a 5 gallon would work depending on how long you plan to hold it before resale. For example; a lemon and a lime, or a Mandarin and a Navel. Both trees mature in the container and both will provide fruit. Customers love being able to go to their patio container and pick an orange and a grapefruit! The only trick is to balance tree vigor in the same pot and our TreeSource team can advise you what combinations work best.
Rice Hull Pots

Go Green! With these Biodegradable pots, made out of recycled rice hulls, plants can be transplanted directly into the ground or into a decorative container. This is especially attractive for new gardeners! Marketing the Rice Hull liners next to decorative pots and bags of soil make a very simple one-two –three for your customers. Their terra cotta coloring also makes them more attractive than the typical black pots you would see in most nurseries. Liners planted in the rice hull pots typically finish in 4 months from transplanting our standard citrus liner.

Gallon Citrus

Planting your liner in 1-3 gallon containers will give you a tree that is back yard ready in 6-8 months time, especially under greenhouse conditions. You can also plant into 5 gallons, but you can expect 15-18 months for them to grow into the pot. For those areas of the country that allow outdoor planting these large evergreen trees with sweet smelling blossoms in the spring make a great addition for anyone looking to include something pretty and edible into their landscape.

Bonsai Citrus

A great addition to any nursery looking to produce something a little different, Bonsai Citrus is a specialty that is not readily available but asked for often. Calamondins and Kumquats are best for making Citrus Bonsai.

Citrus in Ceramic Pots

Potting Citrus Liners directly into a decorative ceramic pot makes it that much more attractive to the customer on the go. Growing the citrus out 4-8 months, depending on the size of the pot, will make it ready for anyone’s patio. No muss no fuss for your customer. Purchase and it’s ready to go.