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  • Products-Citrus Liners (Starter Trees)
    • Citrus Liners are an innovative product perfect for the wholesale nurseryman looking to get Citrus into their product line.  The most difficult part of producing Citrus is the time involved with raising a rootstock seedling that is ready to graft and then grafting/budding the liner.  By purchasing finished liners from TreeSource you are saving valuable time in your production cycle. Use our expertise to eliminate your citrus propagation woes. 

    • Citrus Liners are grown in a 1.2” x 8” cone to promote healthy root growth in a pest and disease free environment.   Liners are grown in a Soil-Free Media in accordance to most phytosanitary regulations for shipping internationally.

    • Once received, the liner is ready to be transplanted into any desired container size.  The 7 inch rootball can also be trimmed back moderately to allow the liner to fit in a shorter pot if desired. 

    • At TreeSource we have been shipping our Citrus Liners around the world for several years and during that time have developed methods to ensure you receive a quality tree when the package arrives at your location.  To prepare for shipment, all cones are removed.  This means that you will need to plan for transplanting soon after you receive your liners.  The liners are bundled in groups of 10 to increase stability and wrapped in plastic wrap so that the root balls keep their moisture throughout shipment.  We can fit up to 120 liners in 1 carton! Each carton is also lined with plastic before shipped out so that each package is like a traveling greenhouse.  We can ship during winter months with insulation and 2 or 3 day Air service.




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